Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Team Raleigh Mallorca training camp part-2

Today was a good day, in fact, today was as close to perfect as it gets when I think of training. 

The camp here has been an inclerdibly positive expĂ©rience thus far and today was no exception. After a a flat/rolling day out yesterday and a fantastic coffee spin monday we were heading back in to the mountains and I was stoked. Ya, ya..I's not that I'm all about going up hills but lets be honest, given our location, bang for the buck it's hard to beat what we have available here! Also the sights to be had are unlike anywhere else (I've been at least). 

Just to give you a play by play of how an average day here at Groundhog Day 2013 looks like I'll take you through a proper "day in the life", enjoy...

The hardest part of the day is waking up to this ridiculous view! I know, right!

Another scrumptious meal at the buffet. Crepes, Fresh fruit, Muesli, eggs and REAL coffee

Had a nice role out through a town called Inca, was wondering where the previously mentioned fresh fruit came from...Street oranges. Brilliant!

The first climb was rather unpleasant and included a lot of heavy breathing so there was no time for documenting this occasion. instead..

After a quick regroup and refuel we were on to the second of the days climbs, Sa Calabora. I think that's spanish for, Suffering Had By All. 

Suffering aside though this was by far the coolest decent i have ever done! Actually nearly stacked it a few times because I was staring off the edge...not the best practice I suppose.

Little beach town at the bottom of the decent, a coffee here would have been ideal. Ah well, another time.

Moving on was more epicness, more amazing decents, climbs and scenery. Did I mention the safetys came off?? First no leg warmer ride of 2013. I tried to get a shot but they were too bright for the camerea.

The final climb of the day offered the best view of the day hands down. They could also be do to the fact I could actually breath enough to enjoy it..either way..

All and all this was one of the coolest ride I've ever done. Body was feeling great all day and when ever I was as Phil Ligett would say "in a spot of bother" I would just take a moment to look around and enjoy how amazing this sport is and what it allows me to do.

Only 3 more days left of this dream like camp and then it's back to Derby, which now that the snow's gone I imagine will look like a totally new place...exciting times ahead?

For now though, Sleep. 

Stay tuned.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Team Raliegh Mallorca training camp - Part 1

Hello and good day,
I have been down in Mallorca now for 5 days and have very quickly realized why this is such an amazing and popular place to train for pro's and amateurs alike. The weather since we've arrived has been more/less ideal. Nothing crazy hot but not snowing either and I haven't had to much as looked at a set of rollers so that alone has made for a great time!

I'll start by saying the riding is some of the most scenic and challenging i have come across in my days. Yesterday we finally stepped into the mountains that stare down at us every morning and it was quiet literally breath taking, especially as we were flogging our selves up a 14km beast of a climb but even as I was beginning to taste blood I was able to look around and take in some of the best views I've ever seen... Unfortunately reaching for my iphone for a quick shot was not in the cards as I was on high alert for one of the many pending attacks from my teammates! Thanks boys. I guess I'll just have to come back down here again to get the pictures...damn..

Other notables from T.R.M.t.c.

-my bike, I am happy to say is totally awesome! Not only does it look good but it goooooes faaast.

- buffets are a dangerous thing after 5+hrs on the bike or before 5+hr ...actually buffets are just a dangerous thing for cyclists in general..

- Mallorca is a "hot spot" destination for seniors in the off-season. outside of our team I think the average age of the hotels guest's is roughly post mordem minus a day...

- We lost Kiwi Tom for a little bit on yesterdays ride but soon realized what had caused the delay..

-I'd like to give a quick shout out to Giro for hooking me up with the most comfortable shoes I've ever strapped on! It's going to be a great year with these babys on my feet.

-I have a hell of a long way to come in the legging tan department! Damn Aussie sumer!

- I'm rooming with one of our 2 French riders, Eric Bertheu and as of yet I have not learnt a single word of French from him, though I must admit it is incredibly respectful of these guys to speak predominately english when around other anglo's, Merci!...season goal=learn more french.

I have no clue what the game plan is for the next 5 days but I have high hopes and no doubts that I'll be leaving here with a grin ear to ear.

I'll do my best to get some more shots while I'm out there for the next much to do here...

Stay tuned.

Friday, 25 January 2013

If a picture's worth a thousand words??

Made it to Mallorca safe and sound. So far so good. First day on the new bike and I must say that Raleigh has done it right. The Militis is an awesome bike! Tomorrow we head into the mountain...Suddenly I was I had been riding more these past 2 weeks! ..let the measuring begin!

In the mean time here's A couple of photos for you to check out. 

Typical english breakfast

Not a hard view to wake up to..

this...well...uh...ya..your guess is as good as mine??

Arrived to this super cool sky line last night

more of the same, shot from our balcony

forced smile

Gooood morning

I imagine I'll be looking back at the hotel from those hills tomorrow at some point.

that's our room, vary top, with the cloud attached (comes w/ the room)

Selfless brand promotion

The sun setting on another day in paradise.

Dolce' vita.

until next time, Stay tuned.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Next stop Spain!

I've got a little bit of time to kill so I thought I would drop a quick note to say my first week in purgatory, er, I mean Derby has come and gone. It wasn't actually all that bad, had it not been snowing EVERY day it would have been a great week. As it is now though all that is irrelevant, why you say? Because as I write this we are en route to the airport to fly down to the sunny warm skies of Majorca(Mallorca?) ESP! Check another one off the list!

While there are numerous reasons why I'm stoked for this little adventure, meeting teammates, riding new roads, amazing training or even just a week away from the snow hit honestly, there is a potential Strava gold mine up for grabs! KOM supremacy is within grasp. Thankfully not many of my teammates have garmins... Or read this blog. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

Anyways, time to board. Hopefully do a little photo bomb on here I. A couple days.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's Official

Yes in deed.
It is now official and I can Tweet, Facebook, Carrier Pigeon and Blog up a storm about how awesome out new kits look, amazing our sponsors are and how friendly hard working everyone involved with the team is.
The men and their machine -thanks toe team Raleigh for the photo
I've been slowly getting to know my teammates as they've began to arrived and thus far I couldn't be more pumped with the crew we have. Each of these guys has some serious accolades to their name and as a whole there is a ton of fire power with this team. If you read between the lines and also the last post, all that basically says is that training camp is going to be a blast and after going toe to toe with some of these guys the rest of the season should be a breeze!
Though I dont want to go through each of these guys all (right now) I will call out a couple as I've gotten to know them pretty good so far. The first obviously being my new flatmate for the year, Tom Scully, A rather strapping young Kiwi joining the team from Garmin last year. It's been a good time moving into our pad together learning a bit about each other, for example Tom's parents own a Cherry farm in NZL, Very cool. I love cherries. Also he doesn't really drink coffee....questionable behaviour for a cyclist, I'll see what I can do about that issue. Keep you posted.

Tom and the first house dinner.
Speaking of official things yesterday also marked the move in date for for the place I wil be calling a home for the next 9 months. I had heard a lot about where and where not to live in Derby for my trusty relocation adviser Jimmy Asperling that I hit the jackpot! It may only be day 2 here but living in a castle is pretty damn sweet! Yes, a castle, well...sort of...formerly an institution for the mentally unstable but definitely more castle than institute. More pics to come but heres a couple to give light to how I'll be spending my "down time".

We don't get the whole place....and yes that is snow...

Alrighty. I have a TON of amazing MOA clothing to sort and put away before we pack up again and head down to Spain on Thursdays...Next stop Mallorca!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I thought it only rained in England...?

Good day all,
Wow! 3 days and about 27 cups of coffee in and I'm starting to adjust. Jet lag is something I'm not totally used to but I think I'm doing a pretty decent job of handling it..No 4hr naps in the middle of the day and then up at 3 am. Productivity ratings for the first 2 days were at an all time high, Appt lease signed! Phone plan, check! Open bank account, Done! That was all before noon the first day here and now I'm already moving hotels... feels like the season is already underway....even managed to sneak in a roller session yesterday!

Office for the day
As I write this it would appear that all the stories I've been told about it raining all the time in England were completely false! I have yet to see a single drop of actual rain. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of rain, in fact some may even say I dislike rain...But SNOW, I despise snow! For winter sports, sure, fine, it's essential I suppose, but for spandex sports it proves to be a worthy appoint.
Yes, it's true, it is and has been snowing in Derby, for the last 36hrs or so actually. Ah well this inconvenience should only last a few more days, then we're off to Mallorca Spain for first pissing contest...err I mean, training camp of the year. I'm really looking forward to riding down there with all the guys.

We have our official team launch on Monday here at Raleigh HQ, I think that will more/less be the first time we will all be together in one place. I imagine after the presentation there will be a little bit of kissing hands and shaking babies, that sort of thing. We're kind of a big deal around here, Sure theres Wiggins and Sky but they're barely even around, so I guess we're like #2 to them? Something like that..

Alrighty, enjoy the pictures as I burn through a months worth of data in 3 days...What did people do before internet!?

Stay tuned

New friend. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Planes, trains and automobiles

Made it!
After taking every version of transportation I could think of  save for taxi or rickshaw i have made it to the place I will call home for the next 9 months! Derby, England. The journey so far as been incredibly smooth, first off I can't recommend air transat enough! If you're planning a trip abroad check them out, friendly staff, modern planes (everyone has a tv), meals aaaand MOOD lighting..very cool.
courtesy of the adventure of

Upon arriving in London I realized they were not kidding, it IS cold here. Wow. I am soft....but we'll be in Spain in a week and it will be warm. After hopping a short train ride I was picked up by my new boss(es) for the year Cherie and Eddie. They've been extremely helpful thus far and if this is any indication of things to come it's going to be a great season!

Highlights of the last 24 hrs
-YVR airport - seeing 2 separate children on leashes to their parents. Heal!
-Apparently I just missed a bit of a cluster F*** in London after a helicopter crashed in the streets and really messed up the after work commute!
-They drive on the wrong side of the road here...though they call it the right side and if we were to be on the right side, it would actually in fact be on the wrong side...this may take some getting used to.
-Before the grand depart I made a last minute order of coffee from has bean and they deliver right to your door! So when I arrived yesterday I had 2 half lbs bags waiting... Victoria roasters take note!
-Stopped off at the Raleigh HQ, very cool seeing the history and also the future. New kits look AWESOME, stay tuned.
-And finally, I am slowly realizing I am no longer in Kansas, this became most evident when I walked down stairs to make my morning coffee and remembered I don't have a plug adapter! Thank god for in room kettles, which are actually way more handy than in room coffee makers.

So, after a couple cups of my new favorite coffee I'm ready to tackle the day, property veiwing, bank acct opening, mobile phone getting and roller riding.

I think I'm already totally over the jetlag! (as I finish typing this before 7:30 am...)

Stay tuned

My room for the time being
seat with a view!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The grand depart

Wow. So it's all come down to this. Sitting in the YVR airport waiting for my flight trying to use up as much phone data as I can before I go... Sure there's free wifi but I paid for those gigabytes and you better believe I'm going to use them! So far I've been to Tim horrors twice and Starbucks once. I imagine that will balance out as I get closer to boarding. T minus 69min and counting. I will miss my friends and routines from Vic but I'm really looking forward to this new adventure. Next post will hopefully be from the motherland. Stay tuned.